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Welcome to Celebration of Power and Celebration of Power's new website!


Celebration of Power is a private club based in Colorado Springs, formed in 2000, to give the Community a safe place to learn and explore the lifestyle. We currently have a few functions such as members only play parties and our "First Friday Munch" that is open to anyone and everyone. We are a pansexual organization and we take great pride in being open to all of our brothers and sisters in the lifestyle.

The first step to becoming a member of Celebration of Power is to attend one of our munches and meet the board members. The munches are designed to give folks a non-threatening and casual way to get out and meet people in the local BDSM community. There is more information about all the events and functions in the Colorado Springs area available at the Colorado Springs BDSM Group.

We are also very excited to welcome you to our brand new website. We hope you will find it entertaining and a valuable resource as you travel down your chosen path. We will be constantly updating it to reflect current and upcoming events as well as to showcase the talents of our members. Please feel free to send in your creative pieces, whether they're writing, photography, or a scene you did, and we'll post it to the website if it's appropriate.

Please feel free to email us with any feedback you might have about our organization or any CoP events.